Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What My Kids Know About Politics

I gave my campers some surveys to fill out for another teacher who is gathering data on what gifted children in middle school/junior high know about the political system of this country and the current race for the president.

The following are real answers

Several of the surveys identified the president and vice president correctly. They also knew their parties. One person put down "Republicans :)" One person identified the vice president as "Dickweed." Some of the more creative response were Chuck Norris of the Fist of Fury Party and Martin Sheen of the "China" party.

Most of them considered the Electoral College to be the University of Virginia (UVA)

Election Day was either 7/7/07 (meaning we apparently have elected our president in secret) Christmas, March 1st, 12th of February, "the day of elections" or sometime in November.

What is the function of a political Party?

To scare people
To party politics
To rule, the world
To hurt people
To vote on popping collars
To Nominate candidates

One kid got his information about politics from his 70 year old cousin,another from Hobo Joe who lives under a bridge, and another from a magical troll

When asked if they identified with a party, a few said they were Communist, some were Kommunist, and one was a Kommunizt (a very radical branch of the party, the rules of spelling are a bourgeois oppression to them)

Is it important for citizens to vote in an election?

No, are vote don't count anyway
Vote for American Idol
Because bananas grow on trees

Where do campaign contributions come from?

Not me
Wall Mart
Money tree or troll
Hobos in DC
Print Machines

Who would you vote for in the upcomming election?

Obama all the way

In what way to political parties use the media?

To threaten people
Gangster music videos and Youtube

Have you ever voted in a mock election?

When isn't it a mock election

List any candidates you know for the upcomming presidential election

Me, Chuck Norris, Captain America, A Quail, Obama, Paris Hilton, Dick Cheney, Ben Nardolilli, Mc Hammer, Billy Bob Thorton

According to one survey: "Chuck Noris is running for his 5th election! He bent the rules of the Constitution!"

Apparently history as we know since 1987, if false. In reality was Chuck Norris was president and we defeated the Soviets with roundhouse kicks.