Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Poem From Andrea's Blog

Well I wrote a poem based on the text of my friend Andrea's latest blog post. It's all cut-up, but there are patterns underneath, that my verse uncovers in its own special brand of alchemy. or something like that. This be the verse(s):

Rich by the Bosses

Like my sassy grandmother
We got there all day.
I was reminded
At my job scoring again
With another comedian
Whose name confuses possession.

Today, the gruesome
Drove around on tour,
The workplace around me
Left to explore guts
In different directions

I had just a bar,
Adequately entertained,
Then a benefit
Whose name I don't remember
Damn these crimes

Mike’s memories,
Keep the story
Miserable as usual,
I shouldn't actually have this,
I tour with a serial rapist.