Thursday, July 16, 2009

The SEP Counselor Rap

Well, SEP is almost finished, except for one more session. I thought I would post the lyrics to our counselor rap so that they might be preserved for eternity, and that 5-8 can see just how its done. I am also posting the original inspiration for our words, the genius of Brad Neely

Dunnington, Dunnington
Made out of bricks weighs a bunch of tons
Opponents beware, opponents beware.
We're coming, We're coming, We're coming.

Let me lay it on the line, we’re the fruit of the vine.
With fourteen counselors, so divine.
With sandals made of crystal, Dustin patrols the land,
With an Iphone and a latte in his perfect hands.

Here comes Dustin, in control.
Campers dig his stuff and his gallant stroll.
Eats opponent's brains, and can stop the rains.
He's coming, he's coming, he's coming.

Dunnington, Dunnington.
Eleven fine suites, summer enriching for fun.
Spread, spread, the C’ville air.
We're coming, we’re coming, we’re coming.

Sue me if I go too fast,
But the all the 5-8 campers wish we were their dads.
Got a collar for a collar, got a fanny pack for a heart.
We'll kick you apart, We'll kick you apart!


We'll save children, but not the 5-8 children.
We'll save children, but not the 5-8 children.
We'll save children, but not the 5-8 children.
We'll save children, but not the 5-8 children.

Lee has a pocket full of horses, Michael kills wild bears.
John threw a knife into Heaven, and Kelly kills with a stare.
Leiloma dances like an eagle Ben’s a rainbow in the sky.
Danny killed his sensei in a duel and never said why.

Dunnington, Dunnington.
Three stories high, made of radiation.
The present session beware, the future session beware,
We’re coming, we’re coming, we’re coming.

Did I mention Joe’s new baby?
Or Nancy’s golden shades?
And Courtney has cool shoes and Mag n’ Cheese’s mom is cool.
I heard... that Margles... has like... thirty swords in her room.
I heard Dustin once held a camper’s a jar of the dance.