Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Poem in Scalped Magazine

Well the folks at Scalped Magazine have published a poem of mine. I can't say why there is artwork of police brutality above it, but if that's the feeling the editors got when reading it, then it works for them. The poem is titled "Know the Fear." It is actually part of a longer poem that I wrote nearly two years ago called "The Lowest Dust." It was part of my more experimental days when I had access to an online cut-up engine and I used it to slice and splice anything I could get my hands on. Eventually I mixed several works with apocalyptic themes such as The Waste Land, with lyrics from The Kinks and David Bowie, among others. I then took the fragments I had composed and put them together, diving no particular order until I had perhaps a third of the pieces slid in. I laid the piece down in a hallway and assembled in there. Recently I had been to the Jack Kerouac exhibit, and that probably inspired me to achieve a grand construction out of words and paper. Anyone who wants to read the whole thing, let me know!