Friday, April 2, 2010

New Poetry, New Fiction, News

Well time marches on and brings with it all that is inevitable about the world: decay, death, taxes, and store shelves covered in saccharine celebrations of the crucified Easter Bunny.

However, we can celebrate all that is not inevitable and comes and goes in spikes of seeming randomness, yet harms us little and maybe does us a little good, such as getting our work published.

Here are several poems that recently hit the web at near-light speed:

Some thoughts on the nature of humor at Down in the Dirt Magazine

A Shakespearean reference at Polyphony

Shindler-like observations on the economy at Black-Listed Magazine

For those of you who prefer narrative, grammar, character, and prose, I have a treat for you, a short story of mine at Writing Raw. Kafka finally meeting eczema! Ah, Freshman year all over again.

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