Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome September 2011!

Enjoy yourselves some poetry and prose, all on me. First up, is a poem of mine in The River. Heyday Magazine's latest issue will have my work in it, so be on the lookout for that. Five poems of mine are also up at Vintage Poetry. Visitors from that site have been coming here so repay the favor and check them out from here.

In non-Nardolilli related news, my muse Jeff Grunthaner has published some poems in Unlikely Stories. Apparently they are pretty racy. I can't seem to access the site at the library.

I also have a short story to read at Eastown Fiction. Just in case you don't like poetry that doesn't rhyme. For you all there is a post up at my other blog as well. A few thoughts on Septembers past and present, that's all.

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