Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A New Novel, New Poems, New Numbers, A New November?

Prepare yourselves for a rather long post. But I have pictures for this one. I have some poems up at Eunoia Review. Six actually. Here they are:

"Recollections and Mathematics"

"The Great Bataan Dance"


"Your Old Fashioned Tirade" 

"The One Chief Task"

"Cenotaph Reflections"

I hope you enjoy them. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. I recently finished a short novel of roughly 56,000 words. I named it after a park in Arlington which is named after a lie. I was writing it as part of Nanowrimo, also known as National Novel Writing Month. It started on November 1st,  and is still going on. I just finished early, because hey, what else have I got to do with my time? I think I might still try to go to some of the events in the DC area for it. Even though I registered and am officially part of the community, I haven't participated much, which is probably why I was able to finish so early. That and the fact I'm unemployed and living in my parent's basement on the periphery of everything.

On a related note, I just passed the 4,000,000 word mark. Some sort of celebration is in order. I know, let's make a bunch of charts and graphs! Here's what the situation was in the summer of 2008, the last time I took notice of the milestone:

I kept it at fairly constant rate it seems. Here is what an updated version of this chart looks like:

As you can see, my productivity started to increased during the end of 2010. Two things happened around this time. The first was that I was laid off and the second was that I took an extended vacation in Montclair, New Jersey. Now, let's see if there's been any shift in the kind of things I write. The breakdown, in terms of percentage in 2008 was this:

Obviously, fiction was overwhelmingly dominant. Non-fiction was a distant second. Let's see if I've changed what kinds of things I write and if so, by how much:

It seems the shares for poetry and non-fiction have declined, while poetry has grown immensely. Fiction has also lost a little share as well. It makes sense if we examine the number of pages of poetry I have produced. This chart however only takes into accounted poems that are not part of any other collection:

As you can see there was a spike in late 2008, which probably put the growth of poetry over the over genres.

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