Monday, March 5, 2012

Cheers to Smarch, March, and Spring

The weather continues with its chaos and I continue to let my publishing credits roll. Even though it is March, the April Reader is already up and displaying my work. Look up north to One Title, a Canadian magazine, my poem is under the section labeled "the Bad" (out of the Good, the Bad, and the Sublime). The blog for the Circus Book, an anthology of sorts, has my work up as well.

An interesting article over at the New York Times by Colin McGinn. He asks if philosophers should take a step back from calling their field of inquiry "philosophy" and embrace a name which reflects (in his opinion) what the field is currently about.  His suggestion is "Ontics." Personally I think the piece shows an extreme bias against any non-analytic school of thought (why doesn't he want to use Ontology instead of Ontics?) and commits the etymological fallacy of focusing too much on the original definition of "philosophy" as the love of wisdom. Food for thought nonetheless. Pretty much indicative of why I quit trying to major in philosophy in college.

Also, if anybody wants to share with me things to post such as calls for submissions, new poems, links to websites, just let me know. Leave me a comment or contact me via Facebook.

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