Saturday, May 12, 2012

Eeldrop and Appleplex and Other Musings

Hey, here's a fun fact, T.S. Eliot, poet of the 20th century, wrote a shot story. You can read it here. It is titled "Eeldrop and Appleplex" and might be about T.S. Eliot and Ezra pound debating their ideas on art. Of course, that is mere speculation.

Poetry might be dead for once and for all, why? Because there is a program that takes tweets from Twitter and turns them into Shakespearean Sonnets. Which is all poetry is to all you people, right? Don't laugh, one day computers will replace your banking algorithms too and all of your statistical analyses about  charter school urchins. But we should just keep drinking right? That's right. Even if it's a Coke and not even tonic.

Meanwhile whatever creativity I can muster is being mustered. I have a poem reprinted at Reprint Poetry. I am also going to appear here. And hell, here is a short story I wrote called All of Brooklyn's Parties. It's from 2009. Praise it as contemporary vintage you hipster outlet sucking squid.

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