Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Get Lucky with Blurred Lines

I haven't posted anything in a while and I haven't posted poetry in an even longer time. But seeing Stephen Colbert using Henry Kissinger for his much praised performance, I don't know. It just disturbs me, along with the way everyone who is supposedly leftist and liberal looks past it. Then again, without amnesia, how could we expect Hillary Clinton to be president in 2016? She'll be making history then, as long as we can ignore the history she helped make in Babylon. I dread the day George W. Bush gets to trot out his imbecilic grin and give voice to it on the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror LVII. It will be heralded, maybe even nominated for an Emmy. So it goes. 

Get Lucky with Blurred Lines

You tell yourself he cannot be an Eichmann, no,
He is a Jew and an old Jew at that,
An old Jew could never commit such terrible crimes
Not for the banal reason of an promotion, a desk,
Evil always has an ideology behind it, at least
Evil in America needs a cross to rally behind or burn.

And he can easily go along with the joke, evil
Never jokes, never makes a cameo,
Evil demands the spotlight, it demands to be a star,
Of course you are a star too, with a show,
A show where you dance with him while an audience
Too young to remember a secret bombing laughs.

The script calls for him to call for security
To escort you from the premises,
Decades ago, he called on friends in other countries
To overthrow their presidents, fill stadiums up
With folksinging hooligans and gun them all down,
Perhaps you want to highlight the contrast?

Here he is now, harmless like an urchin,
A buffoon who might even drop his glasses in a toilet,
An elder statesman with his gravitas swinging
Like a snood tucked under his pale chin,
You are old enough to remember beauties hooking
Their arms with him to promenade down  red carpets.

He gives off no aphrodisiac now, not for you, no,
You dance too quickly for him to catch you,
Even if the camera lingers, the smell does not reach you,
You are too busy, you must go embrace an actor,
Meanwhile, the urchin leaves his desk behind

To sway a would-be candidate waiting in the wings.

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