Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What are Our Consolations? The Oracles of Fried Food

A poem of mine is up at the newly reconstituted Tak-Tak. In unrelated news, I'm trying to do my taxes and I came across this little tidbit:

Parent of a Kidnapped Child

If your child is presumed by law enforcement authorities to have
been kidnapped by someone who is not a family member, you
may be able to take the child into account in determining your eligibility
for the head of household or qualifying widow(er) filing
status, the dependency exemption, the child tax credit, and the
earned income credit (EIC). But you have to file Form 1040A or
1040 to claim these benefits. For details, see Pub. 501 (Pub. 596
for the EIC).

They really do think of everything at the IRS! I wonder if this came about because of J. Paul Getty?

"The meek shall inherit the earth, but not its mineral rights."

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