Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Parodies of particular beliefs

I like the list that Wikipedians have compiled of religious beliefs that are parodies, especially the last one.

The following were created as parodies of particular religious beliefs:

Church of the Holy Donut, sermons by talk radio host Bernie Ward parodying the religious right in the US.

Eventualism, a subtle parody of Scientology.

Flying Spaghetti Monsterism, also known as Pastafarianism, a parody of intelligent design.

Kibology, a humorous Usenet-based satire of religion, partly parodying Scientology.

Invisible Pink Unicorn, a parody of theist definitions of God. It also purports to highlight the arbitrary and unfalsifiable nature of religious belief, in a similar way to Russell's teapot.

Landover Baptist Church, a parody of Evangelical Christianity.

Last Thursdayism, a joke version of omphalism, again demonstrating problems with unfalsifiable beliefs.

OBJECTIVE: Ministries, parody of Christian fundamentalism.

Christianity, parody of Judaism.