Thursday, March 15, 2007

I stumbled across a website called just that a few days ago. Seems interesting. They give out all this prize money for people who submit poems. I wonder exactly how they raise it. Maybe its a front and the people who win are laundering money. Chi sa?

I have sent in some poems for the daily contest they have. You take some of the words they give you (20 max.) and you pen a little ode with them. It's difficult, especially with the words they have today because they're in French. I suppose I could just string them together and that might help me to create something that sounds great but means nothing.

They have a monthly competition as well and I submitted my poem about politics "Correctness" to it. It's one of the few I have that is less than twenty lines long. They should have a competition for epic length poems.

Also I have been playing around on a site that sell magnetic poetry. It actually is better to do it online than on a fridge I think, better for your back and hands and the pieces move a lot quicker.