Monday, February 19, 2007

Follow-Up on First Post

It’s interesting the responses I’ve gotten for what I posted on the Political Wikia. My opinion piece, small and not so detailed, has seven votes for it and four comments, which makes it this morning one of the most popular on the site.

The comments are interesting, one of them is a response I wrote myself to the first one. Somebody was trying to say that they believed the Electoral College both allowed recounts to happen, but that if we had only a direct popular election, then there would be recounts everywhere.

The exact words were:

The Electoral College serves a new function -- it allows for recounts. Imagine the mess we would have had in 2000 -- when Bush had .51% less of the popular vote than Gore. We'd have recounts everywhere, with vote margins gaining and shrinking wildly. The faith in the system would be entirely shattered.

I wrote:

But electing someone without the popular vote didn;t exactly make Americans any more confident in their system

And I believe I am right. Other people posted about healthcare and the war on drugs and while I believe these are important issues, what my posting was about was not which issues were important, but what is missing from the national debate. The war on drugs has slipped a bit under the radar especially since drugs and terrorism are so closely linked, but healthcare is still a top priority.