Monday, February 12, 2007

Who is this Benjamin Nardolilli?

Well time to deconstruct the author, who is in fact very much alive despite what a few Frenchmen in tweed jackets might think.

I am currently 21 years old. I live in New York City and study at NYU. I am majoring in History with minors in Philosophy and Creative Writing.

I am originally from Arlington, Virginia. Technically southern, but culturally I am a Yankee. My mother hails from Kansas City, my father from Jersey City. I suppose then I should move to Virginia City to make everything work out right.

I have a brother, Jon, and a sister, Anne. I am the oldest. Anne plays sports and marches in the high school band, Jon is interested in engineering and next year hopefully will be attending CMU in Pittsburgh. My father works for a land trust and my mother works for the federal reserve board. Both are Lawyers.

I was raised Catholic but not consider myself a Spiritual Humanist. At a later date I will discuss this. Essentially I am a Hegelian existential Buddhist. Politically I am quite isolated, being in economic terms somewhat of a left libertarian, but espousing a slightly social conservatism. I take pride in my Italian and Jewish heritage as you can see. I generally dislike most technology except the computer and the toaster and distrust most politicians.

And there is of course the love of my life, the beautiful Natalie H. Short. I don't know what I can say about us other than we have been together so far for almost five wonderful months.

I consider myself a writer and a philosopher. I am not published. Yet. I write poetry, short stories, plays, philosophical notes, and so far three novels. In total I have written roughly 900,000 words, which I feel qualifies me to make the statement. of course that does not entail that any of these words are good, but I think there are a few sentences out in the mess that are worth something.