Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Poems With an Urban Perspective

As you can see, "urban perspective" differs from place to place:

Poems up at Penman Lounge. Four on the front page, to be exact. They are good people. You probably see them advertised on Craigslist if you troll the "writing gigs" part of the site. I know that I do. You find a lot of good opportunities there. I once got in contact with a guy who needed lyrics for a song. Gave him a poem, and BAM, turned it into a mish-mash of psychedelic and nursery rhyme. All kinds of stuff. The poems in question are from my "early" period. Written around Freshman/early Sophomore year. Just starting out. I had no vision, just a few scattered showers and outpourings. reading them is like stepping back in time to 2005, ah those crazy days when we didn't know what ole' W would think up next!