Friday, January 9, 2009

The Revenge of Fount Blog!

(One might think of this picture as representing a slower type of fountain, one sprouting up from the earth and possibly shedding needles and leaves instead of water droplets. It you squint your eyes, it probably looks like some kind of geyser. Why it grows by itself and in the middle of a clearing is a mystery. Well not really, the answer is here. But I prefer the mystery and half of the majesty of that lonely little tree/shrub/overgrown pine cone).

The caption above is in need of H.D. dry supple hands.

No wonder they called her Dryad ! I'd like to image her! Yow!
Anyway, the fabulous Font Blog is up, and this time there is nudity. The theme is travel, and I have two poems in the mix on my own journeys across this fair country. There are some pretty gorgeous picture up on it, and these are worth looking at. Plus, I think I have one of the best poems on Kansas City on there that anyone is going to read in 2-Aught-9. But judge for yourselves, and like I said, there is still the nudity.