Friday, August 21, 2015

It's a Poetry Discount Blowout!

Thanks to the wonderful Sophie Moss, I've got five poems up at Dirty Press. It's a British invasion, or an invasion of Britain, or maybe just more of a skirmish, or perhaps cutting in the queue. Yeah, that's probably more like it. Or being rude in a tea house. Some of you from Northern Virginia may recognize the title of "The Four Courts." Those of you from Ireland may recognize it as well and think it refers to you too. That's okay. It's all one big circle of self-referential meaning.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

More Libraries Should Have Literary Magazines

I have two poems up at Fourth and Sycamore, the literary journal of the Greenville Public Library. That's Greenville, Ohio. Read them here.

I'm currently in New York City, adjusting to life in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.

I'm somewhere near that red star. It's a somewhat little known piece of the borough, not the hippest place but that's fine with me. We have a couple of interesting bars and that's enough. I'm a mile away from Prospect Park, the nearest landmark. Unlike my time in Manhattan, I'll probably get to see the passing of the seasons because the streets here are lined with trees. Although I live in a squat apartment building, not one of the old mansions the area is known for, I still get to enjoy the same sights and sounds of manicured nature.

I'm also still looking for work if anybody's got a lead. My areas of interest are legal, publishing, clerical, research, and administrative work.