Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Windows 96: Product Review

No, I'm not discussing a recently rediscovered lost Microsoft product from the Gold Age of Gates. The Windows 96 in question is both the name of a musical act, and the name of a poem I wrote about it

More specifically, I used the reaction of listeners to the music. My medium? Cutting up the comments they posted under the YouTube video for the album pictured above. A lot of nostalgia, as you can imagine. 

While the Comments Section lit mag is the first place to put this poem out in print or online, I actually read an earlier draft of this work at a reading hosted by Christine Stoddard at Unnamable Books in 2019.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Fleas on the Hair of the Dog that Bit Me


Hello one and all. Here in New York, we're coming up to the one year anniversary of the lockdown. What a year or lack of a year it's been. The folks over at Fleas on the Dog have published several of my poems. Just search for my name or scroll on down to get to the good stuff. CW: descriptions of Eczema.